Sharon Abbey EdD is Professor Emeritus at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, serving as the former Director of The Centre for Adult Education and The Centre for Women’s Studies. She has developed an on-line course in “Creativity and Adult Learners” and an international teaching program in South Africa. She enjoys landscape photography and believes that “Images find us”, a concept that is fundamental to SoulCollage work. Sharon is the author of the book “Redefining Motherhood” and loves self-reflective practice and writing poetry. Sharon welcomes small groups to her ‘SoulVision’ studio to experience the power of SoulCollage by tapping into inner wisdom, engaging intuition and igniting artistic expression. Applications of SoulCollage are also available for special interest groups, schools and community programs.

Description of SoulCollageĀ® Work

I trained as a facilitator with Kat Kirby and Catharine Anderson both of whom have inspired me to follow my path of heart and give voice to my artistic expression. I believe that images find me if I am open to the process and these images challenge me to explore and interrogate the diverse elements of what makes me whole. As my cards speak to me, I am continually transformed, revitalized and renewed. The more I work with my cards, the more excited I am to share this empowering process with others.

Personal Work with Own SoulCollageĀ® Cards

I try to select a card at random every morning and consider what it has to say to me. I usually make a written journal entry about the guidance provided by the card. I find it interesting that the same card will reappear but the message may be entirely different. I have made copies of my cards that I keep in a binder that I have sorted into suits. I flip through the binder periodically to consider all my cards as a collective. Interesting themes and patterns continually emerge by doing this – for example, the number of cards I have with images of people wearing masks and also the repetition of shadows, trees, rocks and the moon. Questions continually emerge that surprise and amaze me.

Other Notes

I am interested in working with small groups in my home studio to share my experiences and learn from others who also enjoy playing with images, intuition and personal insights. I believe that images find us and lead us on a surprising intuitive path to greater self-awareness! This creative journey has no boundaries or limits! How awesome is that!